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Q: What's Serena's mom Lily's job ?

A:From what I can tell she marries rich guys (except for Rufus) and gets their money, wouldn't actually say she's a gold digger but she's just lucky I guess, and ... Read More

Q: How much do Serena and Lily sheets cost?

A:Amazon sells the Serena and Lily Organic Cotton Crib Sheet for $45.00 plus $9... Read More

Q: Where can one find more information about Serena Lily?

A:Serena and Lily have their own Facebook page which is filled with information about design and homewares. It is also possible to follow them on Twitter or visit... Read More

Q: Which name sounds better with Serena Lily for twins?

A:Serena Lily is an absolutely beautiful name by the way!! I think the name Sydney is lovely but it might be a bit too much with the S from Serena.? I think the o... Read More

Q: What do you think of Serena and Lily or Lily and Serena?

A:I'm sorry to be rude, but isn't it for a story? And, sorry, I hate the name Serena. Sometimes you don't always encounter people with names you love... like in a... Read More

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