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Q: Im making a coupon book for my boyfriend ... pllease nothing sexu...

A:hand kissing massaging hands only Source(s): "I need some tylenol and a band-aid." Read More

Q: Any ideas how to do a coupon book for a fiance, but around the ho...

A:i did this for an ex (while we were together of course) and i just did it from the heart. I took what i knew that she liked and i put it on to paper, started ju... Read More

Q: My boyfriend and i have been dating for a little over a year, and...

A:good idea! 1. dinner of your choice. 2. trip to a place of your chocie. 3. something baked by u of his choice. etc. Read More

sexual favors coupon book

Looking for a specific favor or sex act or perhaps you d like you lover to consider a new bedroom activity? These coupons are a great way to give license to your . All Nighter Love Coupon - Boobjob Love Coupon - Spicy Love Coupons
Printable sex coupons are quickly and easily made using Coupons for my Lover s exclusive online coupon creation system that produces sex coupons you can .
The coupons can be romantic, friendly and sexual. You can make a variety book that includes a few coupons for each of these categories.
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The best list of love coupon ideas anywhere!.This is the big huge list of of gift ideas for our romantic coupons, love coupons, sex coupons, love vouchers,.(if you give them a booklet they can reclaim any coupon they ve already used) .
With this coupon you get to pick a new place for lovemaking - lead me anywhere you d like. Present this coupon when you re in the.31 Sexual Favors for Him.
Help me with ideas for a romantic/sexy coupon book.? My husband is the greatest man, if I need a favor he will do it without complaining. So I wanted to pay.Oral sex - no reciprocation necessary - One Sex Striptease