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Q: How to Be a Smart Coupon Saver.

A:Instructions. Check multiple sources for coupons. Newspapers offer many coupons, as well as the mailers that clog up mailboxes. The Internet is also a good sour... Read More

Q: How to Get P&G brandSaver Coupons.

A:1. Visit the P&G website. The brandSaver website provides you with two important pieces of information regarding the upcoming coupon booklet: the expected amoun... Read More

Q: How to be a coupon saver?

A:Most of those stories are depicted inaccurately. Many have been proven to be cases of coupon fraud, where the shoppers were using duplicate coupons, rebates and... Read More

Q: Where can you use P and G brandSaver coupons?

A:I only know that you can use them at Target I do not know of another place to use them. Read More

Q: What is the best battery saver App for smart phones?

A:None of the battery saver apps actually work. If you want to prolong your battery life, do things like set the screen brightness to automatic, turn off wifi whe... Read More

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